I’m going to bet you have had that all-to-common feeling – on vacation (or otherwise) when you find out you were taken and your room / hotel was booked for much cheaper as you overheard that annoying couple at the bar bragging about their awesome free upgrade and free drinks they just scored.

Now there is a service that can keep track of that stuff for you and most importantly make it right without having to stare down and assistant hotel manage that keeps repeating there is nothing they can do. Enter in a new tool in your hotel booking belt – TRIPREBEL.

All that hard work you put in to find the best hotel shouldn’t stop once you’ve booked a room. TRIPREBEL keeps up the search for you, sifting through thousands of new offers every day to make sure your stay’s just perfect.

When your hotel offers a better rate TRIPREBEL immediately gets that for you. They can even cancel your old booking and book the new better rate automatically. When a hotel from your favorite list drops its price they block that for you, but upgrade only with your approval. Kind of like a really on-it personal assistant.

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